Blind Typing

Touch-Typing Lessons
· Basic rules
· How to stay healthy
· Methodology
· First steps
· All keyboard
Touch-Typing Lessons
· Keyboard simulator Key o'key
· Introduction
· Beginning
· Lesson
· Statistics
· Skins
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Know Your Typing Speed (FREE)
· Speed ok
· Speed-Typing
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Touch-Typing game (FREE)
· TypingBubble
· Touch-type car-racing
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Online Typing Tutor (FREE)
· Introduction
· Basic hand position
· Finger operations areas
· Hitting Technique
· Tutor review
· Basic Concept
· Animation
· Regulations for the World Championships in Text Production, Text Correction and Professional Word Processing

Blue sky


Skin changing is realized by choosing the respective name from "Skins" list.


In order to comfortably work with this program, your computer should meet the following system requirements:
- CPU Pentium4 1GGhz or higher
- RAM no less than 256Mb;

If the computer starts working slowly with skins turned on, turn them off by choosing "No theme" item.

Additional skins can be downloaded at




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