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How to stay healthy

While working on a computer it is important for the seat to divide the body mass equally across the area. It is necessary for the chair to be able to turn around the center, and to change an angle of the back and seat. Also, the distance from the back of the chair and the front of the seat should be appropriate. An upholstery should be made of natural, durable materials, that feel comfortable. The ideal height of the seat is one that lets feet completely reach floor while an angle of the knees is about 90 degrees. It is important for the front of the seat to have rounded down shape. This prevents pressure on a blood vessels, and does not stop blood circulation. The back of the seat should have curved form, that supports the shape of the spine. The angle between back of the chair and the seat should be slightly wider then 90 degrees.

Physical training

While typing, take short brakes to exercise.

1. If there is feeling of heaviness in a back of your head, move your head around several times.

2. If neck muscles are stiff, move your head down and turn it left and right without raising the shoulders.

3. If arms got stiff, let them down, then bring them to horizontal position one after another, while banging at the elbow.

4. To improve blood circulation at the shoulders, raise your arms up, squeezing hands into a fist. While one hand goes up, another is banged at the elbow and rests on a chest. Repeat several times.

5. To get red of pain in a back, try to make your arms meet behind your back, while placing one over the shoulder, and another pass the waist line.

Exercises for the hands.

1. Make a fist and then open hand fast. Repeat five times.

2. Bring hands in front of you. Fingers and palms should touch. Move palms away from each other Repeat several times.

3. Make circular movements with your hands.

4. Lift your hands and then lower them.

5. Place your hands on a table, raise one finger at a time, wile the rest of them are kept flat on the table.

6. Place your hands loosely on the table, then straighten them one by one.

7. Place palms of your hands together, then turn them inside out in one direction, then another. Repeat few times.

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