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First steps

Position your hands over the keys of the main row of a typewriter touching them with your fingertips. Now you have eight keys at your disposal: asdf jkl; Begin to type the exercise not looking at the keyboard; look only at the exercise which you are typing, or at the image of the keyboard on the screen of the monitor.

The hit on a key should be accurate, snappy and not very strong. When hitting, a finger is raised up as high as about 1.5 cm, then it should strike a key in a rapid and energetic manner after which it should be fling up backwards returning to the starting position. Also your hands should participate in the process of hitting; the hands should be held loosely and relaxed. At the moment of hitting the space key, fingers must be held in the starting positions. You should type slow and rhythmically. Be shure that the feeble fingers (little fingers and ring fingers) hit the keys with the same strength as index fingers and middle fingers.

As soon as you feel weariness of your hands, make a 2-3 minute break.

During the initial stage of training it is not easy to get used to hitting the keys with proper fingers, especially with little fingers and ring fingers, but after the very first lessons your hands will get used to leisurely movements, and the keys will be hit in a steadier and a more rythmical way. You should type every day, just by little; and it will be of certain use to you.

Not taking away your hands from the main row, try to familiarize the new letters g and h. They should be hit with index fingers wich should be retracted to the starting positions (f and j) at once. These exercises should be typed like the previous ones, - that means you should hit the keys in a proper manner saying aloud the letter of a word being written at the moment. While hitting the key of letter g your left hand should be taken away from the keyboard and moved to the right. Then the index finger hits the key of letter g and momentarely the whole hand returns to its initial position. Also the same procedure will be followed when hitting the key of letter h with the index finger of a right hand. Sometimes a student does not follow this rule and retracts his/her index fingers from the other fingers. This erroneous action should be avoided because rapid typing is based on quickness and accuracy of the fling of a hand.

The passage presented on this page originates from the book "Typewriting Tutorial" by B.I.Berezin, and was published with the permission of the author's son Alexander Berezin.



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