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Beginning of the work

This window appears after clicking "Go" button in the registration window, or immediately if the program is registered.

Speedbuttons serve for performing most often-repeating actions and are located in the upper part of the window

Buttons are classified by the functional sign:

Beginning of the work

- start the lesson.

- load file.

- view statistics.

- delete user.

Lesson settings

- disable underlining of the printed symbol.

- disable Enter key using.

- turn "blind printing" on.

- enable backspace using.

- enable timer.

End of the lesson

- save to a file.

- user selection.

- work above mistakes.

- next lesson.


- help file.

- about program.

- exit.

Two tables are located on the left:

Users table consists of the following data:

- student's name;

- normative speed of completing exercises;

- normative arrhythmia;

- acceptable errors %;

- current exercise number.

Table of lessons statistics. It consists of:

- ordinal exercise number;

- time user spent on completing this exercise;

- quantity of chars typed by user while completing the exercise;

- average speed for completing the exercise;

- quantity of errors while completing the exercise;

- % of errors compared to the quantity of typed chars.

Two panels are located on the right:

"Working now" panel.

It's suited for displaying and interactive modifying normative user parameters.

One displays:

- chosen username;

- keyboard language layout for taking the lesson;

- field to enter user password;

- 4 switches to modify:

   - normative speed;

   - normative arrhythmia;

   - acceptable errors %;

  - current lesson number.

"New user" panel.

Dedicated for registering a new user.

One consists of:

- field to enter username;

- field to enter user password (not necessary);

- field of normative speed to complete the exercise;

- field of normative arrhythmia;

- field of acceptable errors % ;

- keyboard language layouts table.

Lesson text table. It consists of the lesson text the student is necessary to type.

In order to start working, you need to register by:
- Choosing keyboard layout
- Entering the name and setting normative parameters for passing exercises
- clicking "Register" button

After registration, you need to choose the required record from "Users" table and press "Lesson starts" button. This is the most left button on the quick access buttons upper panel.

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