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Blue sky


This window appears after clicking "Lesson starts" button. This is the most left button on the quick access buttons upper panel.

The window with text of the initial exercise is located in the upper part.

In the middle part you can see the window with text being typed by a student. There's an indicator on the right, showing process of completing the exercise.

Lower part consists of the following:

- Metronome;

- "Lesson progress" panel, showing current statistics of completing the lesson;

- Panel with keyboard image, where keyboard layout with highlighting currently typed char is shown;

- "Timer" panel (accessible only if working with external file) which is made for setting time interval for completing exercise.

You can hide "Lesson progress" and "Image keyboard" panels clicking the cross in the upper right window corner.

A Metronome is intended for producing sounds of pressing keys. Its beating frequency corresponds with the normative speed of the lesson by default. Change frequency by moving a slider located at Metronome table. The metronome is executed by pressing Start button. With on/off flag installed, the metronome is turned on automatically after user starts inputting text. Green digit corresponds with the actual speed that metronome sounds.

Lesson settings

You can tune the following parameters before starting the lesson:

- - "Disable underlining of the printed symbol" - enable/disable underlining currently typed symbol in the window with source text.

- "Disable Enter key using" - enable/disable using Enter key during typing text. If this option is off, typed text will be automatically moved to the next line.

- "Turn 'blind printing' on" - if this flag is on, text typed by student is invisible.

- "Enable backspace using" - enable/disable using backspace during typing text. If disabled, wrong symbol is not entered (like most trainers do). If backspace is enabled, it's possible to enter one wrong symbol but it's necessary to correct this symbol to continue working.

- "Enable timer" - enable timer (only for working with external file), which is located in the lower right window corner.

All modified settings are saved and automatically loaded if working with subsequent exercises.

End of the lesson

After completing exercise, if any errors were made, they appear in the upper window and "Correct errors" button becomes accessible..

Each word the error was made in has to be typed 5 times. In case of errors after completing the exercise, user is suggested to repeat typing the words where one had made the errors. This is not a necessary task, you can even save text with errors to a file and work with it later if desired.

User who completed the exercise and kept the norms well proceeds to the next exercise . The one who didn't has to repeat the exercise.

Current exercise can be finished any time by pressing Escape. In this case the exercise won't be marked as finished and you have to repeat it again.

You can exit to "Users" window by clicking button.

All the same can be done with text loaded from external file. There's a possibility of setting time interval for typing text .

After end of the lesson, panel with keyboard image in the lower part of the window is replaced with the panel displaying normative statistics of completing exercise.

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